Why We Love Beta Readers

Finding a perfect stranger to read a hundred thousand words you have written is not an easy thing. A writer is asking for about ten hours of a reader’s time in addition to whatever feedback can be shared. I found my betas mostly via this blog and through a local community website. My upcoming science […]

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Official Release and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Presenting the official release of House of the Galactic Elevator by Gerhard Gehrke. There’s a reason humans never get invited anywhere… Edited by Cassandra Metcalfe https://veritasauthorservices.wordpress.com Proofread by Brittany Dory http://www.blue-minerva.com/ Cover Design by Mark Hardman http://www.secretagentart.com/ Blurb: Now everyone’s stuck…  In the aftermath of a foiled invasion, the troubled hub of a thousand worlds […]

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Redefining Needy: Thunderclap Campaigns

If you’ve ever been part of certain Facebook groups involving any kind of promotion, you’ve probably come across folks running Thunderclap campaigns. This entails the campaign runner getting at least one hundred people to support them for the Thunderclap to blast out a simultaneous Twitter tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr whatever-it-is-they-do-there.   For the uninitiated, […]

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