Lights Out! Fun with EMPs

You take a weapon that destroys technology and sends modern folks back to the pre-industrial age, and what do you have? The perfect plot device for exploring nineteenth and early twentieth-century problems with modern sensibilities and know-how. The EMP accomplishes all that and so much more. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has become a popular plot […]

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Jonesey, the Cat from Alien

Ever have a cat look past you over your shoulder and hiss, whether or not there was actually anything there? There’s a reason why I prefer birds, dogs, and pot-belly pigs in that order before considering a cat as a suitable pet while aboard a spaceship. Jonsey the cat from Alien (and Aliens) did everything […]

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The Dangers of Character Glut

How tolerant are you of character glut? There is a hard-to-pin number out there of what constitutes too many characters in a book, movie, or show. Watching the trailer for the new Captain America: Civil War movie reminds me of how unsatisfying most of these films are when they are trying to service decades-old comic […]

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