Lights Out! Fun with EMPs

You take a weapon that destroys technology and sends modern folks back to the pre-industrial age, and what do you have? The perfect plot device for exploring nineteenth and early twentieth-century problems with modern sensibilities and know-how. The EMP accomplishes all that and so much more. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has become a popular plot […]

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“On Basilisk Station” Review

If empathic alien cats, space navies, and starships going broadsides with one another sounds like a good time, check out the 1993 science fiction novel On Basilisk Station by David Weber. This is the first of his Honor Harrington series, which has been recommended to me several times and I’ve just now read the first […]

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Official Release and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Presenting the official release of House of the Galactic Elevator by Gerhard Gehrke. There’s a reason humans never get invited anywhere… Edited by Cassandra Metcalfe Proofread by Brittany Dory Cover Design by Mark Hardman Blurb: Now everyone’s stuck…  In the aftermath of a foiled invasion, the troubled hub of a thousand worlds […]

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Sleeping Giants review

I’ll get my greatest quibble against Sylvain Neuvel’s science fiction novel Sleeping Giants out of the way first. The style of narration is mostly after-the-action interviews and dialogues. The material could be a stage play, with only a pair of the characters involved in each chapter at any one time. If this were a movie, […]

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