About Gerhard Gehrke

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Currently blogging about writing and science fiction in general, whether on the page or on the screen.

Gerhard Gehrke is the author of Nineveh’s Child, A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth, and House of the Galactic Elevator. His short story Past a Spinning Star won Anotherrealm’s Editor’s Choice award. He has written for television and is a content creator for the upcoming video game Wunderverse. He studied film at San Francisco State University and lives in Northern California.


For fun he photographs snakes, lizards, and insects on the trails around his community.


3 thoughts on “About Gerhard Gehrke

  1. “I am awaiting the release….” According to Amazon.com, your book was available August 27, 2015. I’m wondering how that publishing experience went for you… do you get any ebook sales via Amazon?


    1. “Beginner’s Guide” did well for a first time author. My best week was when I got the book into a Humble Bundle with some other authors. The second book “House of the Galactic Elevator” came out last year but my publisher went under the same month. I’ve seen the most sales on Amazon with iTunes a close second. Currently both are exclusive on KDP. I need to update the bio here on WordPress. Where have you found the most success?.


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