The Year After My Publisher’s Fall

It’s been one year since my publisher Booktrope went out of business and I had to reclaim my publishing rights to my novel House of the Galactic Elevator. Now that I’ve survived the transition and have manged to continue writing, looking back at my publishing experience has put me in a pensive mood.

My novel, a sequel to the previous year’s A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth, limped to market with a whimper but has provided me with many lessons in publishing.


I’ve been pursuing the self-publishing route ever since Booktrope closed, releasing Nineveh’s Child in May of 2017 and making plenty of mistakes along the way. Fortunately there are many helpful authors out there who are generous with their advice and expertise and to these I express my gratitude. Flying solo doesn’t mean being alone. As much as I don’t enjoy most social media, using it as a tool to interact with other writers and readers has been an essential component in continuing on with the process.

Trust is a theme in this novel. Dinah is close with a bunch of people chock full of agendas. Being the sweet thing she is, untangling how to set the world straight without betraying anot

Some of these writers encourage good habits. My writing pace has increased as I get in at least an hour a day early before work with any spare time in the evenings used on editing and rewrites. A word goal of about a thousand words per day keeps me honest. The oft-repeated advice is to get more product out there, and I realize that with only three books out, expectations for success need to be tempered. Blogging has unfortunately slowed down, but will continue!

What’s brought pleasure into this process is working with a growing group of beta readers and early reviews. Some of these folks have generously spent hours in reading my pre-copyedited work and provided feedback and suggestions. If you’re interested in seeing what’s involved, please drop me a message.

Lastly in this ramble I do want to thank those who’ve read what I’ve written. Feel free to comment here or connect with me on Facebook.

A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth is now up for free here. I’ve been using it as a tool (some in the industry call it a loss leader) to bring folks to my newsletter. I’m offering House of the Galactic Elevator as a special this week for $0.99.

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