Redefining Needy: Thunderclap Campaigns

If you’ve ever been part of certain Facebook groups involving any kind of promotion, you’ve probably come across folks running Thunderclap campaigns. This entails the campaign runner getting at least one hundred people to support them for the Thunderclap to blast out a simultaneous Twitter tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr whatever-it-is-they-do-there.

 batman pow

For the uninitiated, this is a crowd-speaking app upon which a marketing campaign can be set up to promote just about anything. The current front page of the Thunderclap website shows active campaigns ranging from suicide prevention to saving red wolves. Authors use it to blast their book release or special sales.

 Support sounds rather taxing and, to the paranoid or sensibly cautious, like it could mean getting on a spam list. What Thunderclap (or the similar Headtalker) does is inserts a timed post into your media stream from one of the three supported platforms, requiring no personal information to be given.

 It’s also free, quick, and easy.

 SpaceballstheThunderclap Campaign

Since the timing for any of these campaigns is limited, the campaign runner must generate the needed minimum for the campaign to go live. Otherwise it bites the proverbial dust and just goes away. This is where the neediness comes in for any with smaller social circles on the internet. These will have to appeal to the kindness of strangers, friends, and the more-common social media acquaintances for support. This becomes more desperate the closer to the deadline the campaign runner gets.

 And that brings me to my own neediness. I’m doing a Thunderclap for the 8/17/16 release of House of the Galactic Elevator. Link:


All support is appreciated! Also if you stay tuned, next week I’m running a Amazon gift card giveaway.

So on the larger scale of importance, this is small stuff. But as a needy author seeking support and hugs, thanks for checking out my campaign.

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