Revised Final Blurb for House of the Galactic Elevator

I had two longer draft of my book blurb that made its rounds to Facebook groups and other interested parties, with multiple tweaks and edits. I received many helpful suggestions along the way, and the internet is replete with blogs on writing the perfect blurb. You can even hire someone to write one for you, if that’s your cup of tea.

What I was left with were two blurbs that still read too long, even though blurb length is very subjective. How many lines does it take to get your interest? Often the shorter ones are the books I will pick up, judging by my bookshelf and Kindle history. It only takes a couple of sentences to pique my interest. I’ll let the book, its story, and the prose do the rest. Again, this is subjective. Some of my fellow readers like to be wined and dined and I’ll leave the rest of the romantic metaphor alone.

So here’s my final blurb for House of the Galactic Elevator.

Now everyone’s stuck…

 In the aftermath of a foiled invasion, the troubled hub of a thousand worlds has become isolated. Someone broke the interplanetary elevator, and no one knows how to fix it, not even Jeff Abel, the Galactic Commons newest citizen. But mankind’s first ambassador to another world has other problems. Two thousand extraterrestrials are stranded back on Earth. Jordan, the only other human in the alien city, isn’t returning his calls. And Irving the Grey, the mastermind behind the city’s woes, has escaped.

 It has begun to dawn on Jeff that getting a job with Galactic Commons security wasn’t his brightest idea.

Of course, in our strange new age of electronic formats, even final editions can be edited, but I hope this blurb puts a few of you in the mood for a read. Release date is set for 8/17/16.



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