Cover Reveal: House of the Galactic Elevator

I’m excited to present the finished cover to my soon-to-be-released science fiction adventure novel House of the Galactic Elevator! My cover designer Mark Hardman did a fantastic job!


Getting the cover to its finished state took a few steps. Mark and I had agreed to work together just before my first publisher’s going out of business, and he was willing to work with me afterwards. My original written concept was a human figure, perhaps the main character  Jeff Abel, falling from a elevator that ascended into a spiral galaxy.The intent of the cover was to convey at a glance both genre and mood, with a single stand-out element being the figure either having lost his grip or still being caught up in the wake of the elevator. Mark’s other covers gave me confidence in trusting him with coming up with the color, composition, and style.

Here’s a late draft of the cover:


I really liked the cover at this stage, but I made a few suggestions for the layout to be more traditional with the title at the top and the falling figure needing some more pronounced definition. Mark did all the heavy lifting and came through with the finished product at the top.

I’ve encountered the opinion before that covers have less of a bearing on books these days since with an electronic format there’s no tactile examining of a literal book’s cover but rather just a thumbnail, but I disagree. The cover is what will show up on all media associated with the book’s release. An attractive cover even for an ebook will get attention. Perhaps a reader might check the book out because of it.

Here’s a blurb for House of the Galactic Elevator:

Foiled alien invasion? Check.

But what about the two thousand extraterrestrial refugees that are stuck on Earth?

 Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan, the only two humans in the Galactic Commons, must do the best they can to live in an alien city while the interplanetary transportation system known as the galactic elevator is repaired. Unfortunately, no one actually knows how to fix it.

 Irving the Grey, the mastermind behind the foiled invasion of the Galactic Commons, has escaped. Here Jeff sees an opportunity: find and work alongside the one creature that hates his guts in the hope that the bridge between worlds can be repaired. But the Grey has other plans and a new ally.

 Why does the Grey’s new friend want to take the elevator someplace it was never meant to go? Can Jeff get the refugees back home and out of the hands of a very nervous government agency? And what has one dying alien unwittingly unleashed back on Earth?

House of the Galactic Elevator will be available on most platforms and ebook stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

See more of Mark Hardman’s work here:

Thanks for taking a look!

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