The Cthulhu Leak

Either one of the Elder Gods is incontinent, or this is the most dangerous info dump in human history.

When forbidden information that man was never supposed to know is leaked from the Church of the Elder Gods and distributed on the internet, worldwide trouble soon follows. A reporter has a lead to the source of the leak. Will she uncover the truth behind history’s most dangerous info dump? Or is she meeting with a complete lunatic? Surely, the bizarre global events are just mass hysteria…

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Jonesey, the Cat from Alien

Ever have a cat look past you over your shoulder and hiss, whether or not there was actually anything there? There’s a reason why I prefer birds, dogs, and pot-belly pigs in that order before considering a cat as a suitable pet while aboard a spaceship. Jonsey the cat from Alien (and Aliens) did everything […]

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Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: Assorted 1970s Surrealistic Faces by Richard Powers

Originally posted on Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations:
This is the second post in a potential series of posts showcasing the science fiction cover art by Richard Powers (1921-1996). My first post discussed a few surrealist cityscape covers from the 1950s.  Here I’ve selected a variety of surrealistic, composite, conglomerated, and masked faces from his 1970s covers.…

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The Dangers of Character Glut

How tolerant are you of character glut? There is a hard-to-pin number out there of what constitutes too many characters in a book, movie, or show. Watching the trailer for the new Captain America: Civil War movie reminds me of how unsatisfying most of these films are when they are trying to service decades-old comic […]

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Review: Tom Abraham’s Home

I’ve been reading some longer science fiction (two Neal Stephenson books of late) and history (still working on A Distant Mirror) books recently, so for a change of pace I picked something light to burn through. I chose Tom Abraham’s Home, part one of a series of post-apocalyptic novels centered on Marcus Battle, a prepper […]

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