Looking for Beta-Readers!

Beta Readers Wanted!

I’m looking for a few people to participate in a beta-read of my upcoming science fiction adventure novel “House of the Galactic Elevator.” This work-in-progress has just been through the first round of edits and a couple of rewrites, and I’m looking for input from readers. The book has already been accepted for publication by Booktrope.

What’s a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is not an editor (I have one) or a proof-reader (I have one of those, too!) A beta reader will do a read-through of the book provided in electronic format and give input. What worked? What didn’t? Why did you stop on page five and throw down your Kindle in disgust? Is there something in the story that’s unclear/ vague that needs refinement? Where did you get bored?

I’m hoping for honest feedback. If you enjoy reading, you’re qualified.

Also, my beta readers will have input on choosing the final cover design.

I will use Facebook for updates/ messages/ feedback, but if you prefer we can communicate via email.

Being a beta reader is an easy way to get a first-hand look into the publishing process. Unfortunately, this isn’t a paying gig, but I will immortalize you in the acknowledgments in the final print and ebook edition. There’s no obligation if you choose to help, as you can drop out at any time.

What’s the Story?

“House of the Galactic Elevator” is a light science fiction adventure and the follow-up to “A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth” which was published in 2015. Familiarity with the first book isn’t necessary as HGE is a stand-alone story, even though it is a sequel with continuing characters from the first story.


Getting abducted and stopping a hostile invasion of an alien city were only the beginnings of Jeff Abel’s problems. With the galactic elevator system down, Jeff can’t go home, and there are thousands of alien refugees trapped on Earth awaiting rescue.

When the mastermind behind the original invasion escapes from prison, Jeff sees a possible solution to his problems. He will have to work with an evil extraterrestrial who hates his guts, while once again keeping the Galactic Commons and Earth safe. His only help? The kleptomaniac mechanic that got him into this mess in the first place.

Can he get to the stranded refugees before the mysterious government agency has its way with them? And why won’t Jordan, the only other human in the Galactic Commons, return his calls?

A sequel to a Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth, House of the Galactic Elevator is a science fiction adventure novel that will make you glad that you sometimes never leave home.

HGE is written for adults and is appropriate for younger readers of science fiction (ballpark it at PG-13). There is some (non-gory) violence, not much bad language, and no explicit content that will send those young readers to Urban Dictionary.

If you want to be a reader, I’ll email you an electronic copy. Contact me at the email address below.

I look forward to hearing from you to answer any questions. Feel free to email me at gehrkepools@comcast.net or message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gerhardgehrkeauthor/


Gerhard Gehrke

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