Where to Get Your Batman Fix

I haven’t seen the new film Batman vs. Superman. I will eventually, once the crowds die down. As much as the trailers look exciting, the early mixed reviews are not surprising, even though I avoid the fanboy shadenfreude of seeing movies based on beloved characters bomb. I want good movies regardless of what inspires them. […]

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When a Conclusion Works

Last week I talked about an example of a weak ending of a science fiction novel that left me wondering what the author was thinking and why I had even read the book. Upon reflection, I still don’t feel like I had completely wasted my time as I enjoyed the read up until things started […]

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Sci Fi Novels and Their Conclusions

Nailing an effective, satisfying conclusion for a science fiction novel (or any novel for that matter) seems to be a moving target that evades many authors. Some of my favorite books have endings which leave me wanting more (acceptable), are cliffhangers (slightly frustrating but if it’s good, I’ll wait), or undo much of the goodwill […]

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Looking for Beta-Readers!

Beta Readers Wanted! I’m looking for a few people to participate in a beta-read of my upcoming science fiction adventure novel “House of the Galactic Elevator.” This work-in-progress has just been through the first round of edits and a couple of rewrites, and I’m looking for input from readers. The book has already been accepted […]

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