What’s the First Thing You Remember Writing?


In grade school two friends and I produced a regular series of Pac-Man comic books with dozens of reoccurring characters, convoluted plot lines, and questionable artwork. As my collaborators had input, I was forced to allow vampires and Shogun Warriors into the mix. The Shogun Warriors (giant Japanese robots) had Pac-Man heads and would invariably get involved into literally swirling brawls with dismemberments galore. The vampires would suck other characters dry so that they looked like shriveled mounds of Pac-flesh that just lost an encounter with one of the ghosts from the video game.


My parents asked the math teacher about the comics, as their production happened on his watch and I brought home each issue for them to see. The teacher reasoned that we were getting our work done correctly and keeping ourselves busy. With the amount of weapons and violence in each issue, I am certain that today this would have gotten the three of us put into therapy and possibly suspended and the teacher fired.

What I find interesting is one of my fellow comic book writers went on to put himself through college while majoring in both math and computer science. He once wrote an essay on professional wrestling and why he was still a fan. This addressed nicely how even low-brow entertainment serves a purpose and can bring us joy. I’d like to believe that his time making comics with me contributed a measure of happiness to his life.

pac man

And the tragedy is that none of these comics exist anymore. Some things get thrown out to make room for more important things. I once had a sizable comic collection that served as an inspiration for the comics we made and grew to fill much of my closet. The collection has since been sold for pennies on the dollar of the original cover prices.

I never did much drawing from that point forward, and the writing evolved to long hand written in spiral notebooks. What I remember best is the flurry of inspiration after charging through our math work so we could bring our nutty creations into their next adventure.

So what do you remember writing first? Please share!


The above was also posted to T’s Stuff Blog: http://teresanoel.blogspot.com/2016/01/virtual-book-tour-for-beginners-guide.html?showComment=1452606506230#c4526362654678216525

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