What Headtalker Can Do for You

Wrapping your head around every aspect of social media can be overwhelming, to say the least. If you have a book to promote, recognizing its value and the necessity of understanding it as best as possible is crucial. But it can feel like drinking from a fire hose if you’re trying to figure it all out at the same time.

“Baby steps,” Bob Wiley (played by Bill Murray) learned in the film What About Bob?

baby steps

In the past year I’ve started learning Facebook and Twitter. I’ve made plenty of goofs along the way with both platforms and am grateful to friends who have corrected my gaffes. I learned, according to one author, that sending a private message to someone who has just followed/ friended you and asking them to buy your book is like asking for sex on the first date. Who knew?

So with a new resolve to be less spam-my, to avoid the reek of desperation, and to learn the ropes of yet another social media tool, it was time to learn Headtalker.


The first answer I received when asking someone what Headtalker is was that it’s like Thunderclap. This is the sort of answer that makes nonviolent people lash out with whatever’s at hand and to get mild mannered folks to swear like teamsters. But in this case I’ve supported several other authors in their Thunderclap campaigns.

So what does Headtalker do? Like Thunderclap, it allows you to set up a campaign to increase the reach of your social media. The campaign has a duration which you set and a goal of a certain number of supporters. Then you decide what exactly is going to be shared. Once you put in your message, a title, and an image, the campaign can be launched. It will be seen by anyone visiting the Headtalker site. The next part of how to get more support is up to you. You get to use your social media skills in encouraging others to support your campaign. This means they agree to support it using their own social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Linkedin. Then at the campaign’s end, all who supported the campaign will have your message sent out. So all it takes from a supporter is to click which social media they want to support the campaign with.

Simple enough. The biggest hurdle is to be willing to allow a third party to use your account for that single tweet/message. But it’s safe (so far) and pretty slick. Did I mention it’s free?

Thunderclap works much the same. It has a free option too, but it is limited and there is an approval process for the free claps last time I looked. A more streamlined experience or with other bells and whistles like an image will cost money.

bell whistle

Headtalker’s interface is slick and approachable. Filling out the fields for the campaign was simple, and the site is easy to navigate. I just started one announcing the official release of my novel A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth. The campaigns are arranged into categories such as music, crowdfunding, charity, community, art, and literature. I didn’t find a section for pulp science fiction, so I put my campaign in literature. Overreaching, I know. It really wasn’t much harder than sending an email with an attachment. Hit launch and done. The site also supports the campaigns by giving you your first bump via twitter.

I look forward to seeing how this all plays out. I’ve been looking at the site and reading through other campaigns. I’m pretty sure getting support means giving the same.

Here’s the link to my campaign: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/first-contact-can-be-fun/

Thanks to all the supporters so far. If you have a moment and you’re willing, please support it.

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