Introduction by Gerhard Gehrke

First Post!

I wanted to introduce myself as the author of A Beginner’s Guide to Invading Earth. I read and write science fiction and am a fan of science fiction art in all its forms, including classic book covers, film, and fan art. I hope to see what some of you out there produce and I’d be happy to host some of your work here.

My book is currently being published by Booktrope and I expect to be able to announce a release date and a cover reveal. Right now I’m working on a stand-alone sequel with a title to be announced. Having been through the ringer with a professional editor, I feel like writing is a smoother process but no doubt there’s plenty in the new manuscript that will make any new editor cringe or want to nuke me from orbit. I’ll be explaining more of this so maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

So is there room for more science fiction stories? We as readers vote yes both with the hours we spend reading and with our wallets. There’s lots of free stuff as well. Free ebooks abound, with new writers willing to give away their work. Some of it is quite good. This happens in other media as well. All you have to do is look at some of the machinima or live action series showing up online. Most of these are labors of love that take thousands of hours and varying degrees of other resources.

My advice? Skip the reruns of Friends for a night and go experience something new. Some is crap but some will have you searching for more. (Here’s one : based on Valve’s Team Fortress 2 characters.)

So when it comes to my favorite medium, give some new writers a look. I’m glad you made it this far here with me.

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